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About Us

Our Purpose

The purpose of the USAFA Arizona Parents Club is to:

  • promote a better understanding of USAFA among members and non-members

  • form a strong link of friendship and camaraderie between the parents of cadets, past, present, and future, through social relationships on matters of common interest to members

  • assist parents of cadets and candidates when assistance is needed or requested

  • assist USAFA Admission Liaison Officers (ALOs) in disseminating information

What We Do

Cadet Care Packages

Four times a year, we have a Club meeting which kicks off with the assembly of Cadet care packages.  We time them so that cadets will have extra goodies to snack on while studying for their GR's, or to help start the semester with some yummy treats. We also send gift cards to our AZ Cadets at the beginning of each semester to help with their school expenses.  Our meetings are a great time for parents to socialize and get acquainted with one another and chat about our cadets!

Doolie Dinner

An annual event held in June, to honor new appointees entering the academy that year. It is hosted by the Arizona Liaison Officers and sponsored by the Arizona Parents Club. Club members are on hand for a smiling face and to answer questions. A guest speaker is included in the program as well as current USAFA Cadets and Prep School attendees will be on hand to speak about their experiences at USAFA. All appointees, their parents and family members should plan to attend this informative event.

All-Academies Holiday Ball

The biggest event of the year! The Arizona All Academies Holiday Ball is a very special gala held annually in December to recognize cadets and midshipmen who have the honor of representing Arizona at our nation’s military academies. This event honors these young leaders from Arizona by hosting an elegant evening steeped in military traditions, formality, a guest speaker, dinner, and dancing. The evening also serves as a farewell to those cadets and midshipmen who will receive their commissions the following May and begin their careers of military service to our country. All Arizona cadets, families, and guests are invited to attend.

Fundraising – Class Crest Blankets

Each year each class designs its own class crest based on the USAFA tradition since 1959!

Requirements for each crest include all the elements on the Class of 1959's crest: the class number, the class year, the Polaris star, and the eagle. The “Made in America” blanket is an outstanding gift for graduation, sponsor families and family members! Proceeds from the sale help support the Cadets from Arizona and provide a contribution to the general fund of the current USAFA Class. We appreciate your support.


Who We Are


Katie Brethour - President
Cadet Logan Brethour, Class of 2025

Retired supply chain executive who loves traveling, volunteering and playing tennis. Our family laughs everyday - and sometimes we even like each other!


Jenna Richardson - Secretary
Cadet Andrew Richardson, Class of 2026

VP of Marketing and Product Development for a Critical Messaging company based out of Texas. Love traveling, great food and baseball. Grateful to be welcomed into the USAFA family!

Katherine Delgado.3.jpg

Katherine Delgado - Membership
Cadet Ellis Delgado, Class of 2024 

Former teacher but I missed the kids so I continue to substitute in the classroom. I love yoga, hiking, traveling and reading.


Loren Olson - Vice President

Cadet Anders Olson, Class of 2025

Principal OS Design Group - Consulting Firm for multiple commercial furniture manufacturers. As a family we love traveling and site-seeing. We love exploring North America, especially our beloved National Parks and taking in the beauty of nature.

Kimberly  Knox - Treasurer
Cadet Gretchen Knox, Class of 2024

CPA for a small firm in Show Low, AZ
Love camping, boating, and traveling with family.


Keith & Jackie Brown - Fundraising
Cadet Byron Brown, Class of 2025

Both Air Force retirees. Keith is Records Manager, Tucson Airport Authority. Our cadet is the youngest of six children and we love family get-togethers, sports (particularly basketball), and the outdoors, to the name a few.


Rob Hutchings - Webmaster
USAFA Cadet Austin Hutchings, Class of 2026
USMA Cadet Brady Hutchings, Class of 2027

Program Manager (Software/I.T.). We love Arizona, the outdoors, off-roading, and sports. Our boys participated in cross country, track, and basketball in high school.

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